Do you accept returns or exchanges?​

Yes, but with limitations. If you would like to return or exchange your soft cone, you must contact us within 7 days after delivery. However, We cannot accept returns on used soft cones & are unable to pay return shipping costs . We cannot accept returns/exchanges for custom made soft cones. To ensure you order the correct size, please visit the How to Measure page.

Can you wash the collars?​

Yes. We suggest using a detergent for sensitive skin. Wash the soft cone on the delicate cycle with cold water and then lay flat to dry (do not machine dry). Do not use bleach.

Are your collars effective?

Typical plastic E-collars are used to prevent pets from rubbing and chewing themselves. Our soft cones provide the same function but are more comfortable for your pet. The best soft cone will have a depth of at least an inch longer than your pet's snout. That said, a determined pet can get around any cone-plastic or soft-so we recommend observing your pet while they acclimate to the soft cone and adjust the fit of the soft cone as needed. If your pet can get around the edge of their cone too easily, then a larger size might be needed.


Do you make custom sizes?

Yes. We understand that each pet is unique, and some may have measurements which don't fit our standard sizes. If this is the case, please contact us and we can discuss options and pricing for creating a custom soft cone. Your satisfaction is our mission and our pleasure.

Where are your collars made?​

Each Loving Embrace Collar soft cone is handmade in the United States. We do source some materials from various vendors globally, but the handmade manufacturing process happens in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Do you ship internationally?

 Our apologies, but at this time we only ship within the USA.

​​Will my pet get upset when I put the collar on?​

Maybe. Every pet is different, and while some pets take to cones better than others, there will be some who might react poorly to wearing a cone for the first time or may even be frightened of the cone. If your pet is having difficulty acclimating, our soft cones can be folded back. In addition to allowing your pet to eat and drink more easily, temporarily folding the cone back may allow your pet to get used to wearing the cone before unfolding back into place. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, another suggestion would be to have your pet wear the soft cone for short periods before their procedure to help them get used to the cone in advance.

Is there rigid plastic in your collars?​

No. Our soft cones are constructed with a foam core, which is able to keep its shape while still being flexible, but is not rigid like typical plastic E-collars.