The original comfortable, functional, effective, lightweight, and durable dog cone! 

Available in multiple sizes, our dog cones are machine washable and are handmade in the USA. Soft, yet sturdy, our Elizabethan Collars will not collapse but can fold back for eating and drinking, then pop right back into shape. Velcro closures make our soft cones easily adjustable. Say goodbye to the rigid plastic cone of shame and hello to recovery in comfort, style, and love.

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What makes our cones different?

  • 7 sizes to fit almost any dog or cat
  • Can fold back for eating & drinking
  • Attaches easily to a standard collar
  • Doesn't produce frightening noises
  • Won't mar or damage walls
  • Fun fabric patterns
  • Helps absorb jarring shocks when hitting walls, furniture, or your legs