Woman holding a cat
Loving Embrace Collars are absolutely amazing! We’ve been offering them to our clients for over 5 years and have had 100% satisfaction. When given a choice, 75% to 80% of the time our owners pick an Embrace Collar for their pet.  These collars are truly great.
They are soft and comfortable so the pets get used to wearing them more quickly. They are also very unique in the fact that you can roll them back, allowing the pet to eat easily. They are machine washable and durable so our clients don’t mind that they cost a little more than those hard plastic ones because they know it will last until the next time it is needed. And our clients LOVE getting to pick from a variety of prints and colors. It makes them feel involved in their pets care and helps take away some of the stress they experience when picking up their pet from surgery. 
Gratefully yours,
Stacey Hamilton
Practice Manager/CVT
Loving Family Animal Hospital
Boxer sleeping in a bed wearing a soft dog cone
Hampton, my grandpuppy, suffers from severe skin issues. I was lucky enough to win a beautiful comfortable collar for him. He is so much more comfortable! He has to wear this whenever I leave him. I will recommend this product. It is obviously made with love of animals to everyone. He even slept soundly one night in it.
Thank you so much,
​Dolly Kennard Ciappetta
Dog wearing a soft cone

These collars are amazing. So happy with it and so is Rocky! He wouldn't get in his bed with his plastic collar on. Look at him now. (We included a picture of Lisa's newest rescue Nola, who is a little stinker, in one of our collars too!)
​Lisa Stapleton Piver



French Bulldogs wearing elizabethan collars

Our names are Betty & Wilma! We truly do love each other, but when we go into heat we tend to get into some girly fights. Our groomer suggested to my mom that we wear the Loving Embrace Collars when we go into heat.

We had a really hard time getting at each other, so decided not fight anymore. Our only argument was who was going to wear what collar (we switched off!)!
As you can see, we layed together in comfort with our Loving Embrace Collars on! Problem solved! No fighting!
​Thank you Loving Embrace Collars,
Betty & Wilma, and Mom Sue

Bichon Frise wearing a cone

I'm Benny the Bichon and I'm looking and feeling FINE wearing the Loving Embrace Collar made especially for me. When I lost my leg to cancer, my surgeon sent me home wearing an uncomfortable plastic cone to keep me from licking my incision. The doctor meant well, but I hated wearing it. It was hot, sticky and smelly (even by doggie standards) and it made my family say "Ouch!" when I bumped into their legs while following them around.

Then I saw that Loving Embrace Collars  designed this handsome padded cone which I rather like wearing.  It's washable and soft and dries quickly even after I get a drink.  I have no trouble sleeping in it. It has nice Velcro fasteners that I can't undo, and it keeps me from bothering my stitches. Plus, no more complaints from my folks about bruised legs!
I am now a happy, happy boy. Thank you, Loving Embrace Collars, for helping me to get all better.
This is a Great Product!

Chocolate Lab wearing a soft elizabethan collar

We wanted to thank you so much for letting Valentino use the Loving Embrace Collars for the last three weeks. When the Vet told us he was going to have to wear a cone we were very worried. When we used the standard cone from the Vet, he absolutely hated it.
He hates to have things on him or around him and constantly tried to get the cone off of himself. He would bat at it, and constantly run into things, like walls, couches, tables, even us. When we first introduced Valentino to the Loving Embrace Collars he was very intrigued by it. He immediately walked over to us and we slowly and gently velcroed it around his neck.
He does so well with it. He acts like it's not even on him. He is able to lie down, sleep, walk, go to the bathroom, do everything he normally does without any hinderance. It's even easy to clean. It made the whole healing process for Valentino easier for him and us knowing he was able to wear the Loving Embrace Collar and be comfortable. Thank you again for Loving Embrace Collar. It was truly wonderful and easy to use, and Valentino is so grateful for it. We have attached some pictures of him wearing it (even one of him sleeping in his favorite position....upside down).
Dustin McCarthy and Stephanie Sommers


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